Former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley with Brian & Greg Morton – Co-owners of Original Just Turkey.

Our Story

Brothers Brian and Greg Morton established the first Original Just Turkey Restaurant in their hometown of Chicago in 2008.

Already accomplished entrepreneurs, Brian as one of the most sought after producers in the music industry and Greg as a successful Real Estate investor, they pooled their resources and business savvy to start one of the most unique BBQ houses in America.

Their original concept of everything on the menu being turkey was purposed to provide a more lean and healthy alternative for restaurant patrons.

The most phenomenal fact about their start is that it took place during one of the worst economic times in American history.

Part of their success is attributed to their early years working long hard hours for Ford Motor Company on Chicago’s southside.

The other part of their success is due to the love and support received from their family and community.

Only the freshest produce and wheat bread are used to complete all Original Just Turkey meals.

Having quickly developed a reputation for delicious food helped turn the Original Just Turkey Restaurant into one of the fastest growing chains in Chicago.

A wide assortment of turkey based choices are available. To date the most popular items have been the tender turkey ribs and tips plus the juicy turkey burgers which have attracted food lovers from all over the country.