Investing in a Just Turkey Franchising

Becoming a partner of any franchise organization demands detailed research by both the potential franchisee and franchisor to guarantee that an ideal type of relationship is being created.

Just Turkey Franchising, Inc. likes to associate the type of a franchisor/franchisee relationship to that of a wonderful, devoted Original-Just-Turkey-Franchisee-Supportfriendship. Consider it…there are a lot of commonalities. Both parties have to take part in continuous transparent communication, agree to teamwork to achieve identified goals, deliver exceptional support to each other when pursuing objectives, and frequently present an attentive ear and enthusiasm to collaborate and compromise, if necessary.


Just Turkey Franchising, Inc. desires to partner with individuals who can easily jump on board with the operating philosophy between the franchise network and corporate staff. It’s one of collaboration to attain mutually advantageous business goals – a must for a profitable long-standing relationship.

Just as vital is a dedication to uphold Just Turkey Franchising, Inc’s., operating principles and recognized brand identity. Possessing a solid background and showing engagement with business operations is a must because of Just Turkey Franchising, Inc’s., desire to partner with individuals who strive to be owner operators.

Just Turkey Franchising, Inc. requires the following range of initial investments to open a franchise.


  • Established procedures, systems and food preparation techniques and recipes
  • A carefully planned and refined business model
  • Complete operational and customer service training
  • Onsite start-up assistance & Ongoing professional support
  • Access to approved vendors and suppliers, as well as proprietary sauces and spice packs
  • Local marketing
  • Franchise fee: $35,000*
  • Total Initial Investment: $171,500 to $251,500

*Please note that there is a 10 percent discount offered on the franchise fee for franchisees who open additional locations.