1. Get Acquainted

• Complete application.
• Personal interview with Just Turkey Franchising, Inc’s. Franchising team.
• Receive and review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

2. Verification

• Undergo credit and background checks.
• Provide proof of assets and financing.

3. Research

• Have due diligence discussions with existing franchisees
• Evaluate the potential site and opportunities.

4. Approval

• All locations must be evaluated and approved by Just Turkey Franchising, Inc., prior to signing.

5. Almost There

• Finalize lease/purchase.
• Sign Franchise Agreement and pay the franchise fee.
• Begin construction at store.
• Begin training for franchisee and crew.

6. Ready To Roll

Coordinate grand opening with:

• Training,
• Store Support,
• Marketing,
• Public Relations teams.

Original Just Turkey Franchise location 2


” I have been to this restaurant many times, the food, and customer service has always been great. I have eaten over half of there menu and I have no complaints. This is a much try spot period.”

Onyeche S.

Atlanta GA

” Lip smacking good bbq turkey tips and turkey ribs. Essentially taking healthier turkey loading it up with sweet sauce and fries. It tastes great. Turkey burger rocked too. Very friendly helpful staff at counter. Everything is finished to order. It ain’t Thanksgiving but it is good stuff.”

Louis S.

Skokie, IL

” had the Turkey Legs, Wings which are classics and super awesome. The Turkey Tips taste like real rib tips… darn good! The BBQ sauce is super awesome too. I highly recommend these guys, they do Turkey right.”

Shawn C.

Evanston IL

” I have tried the burger…ribs…tacos and the nachos. The corn on the cob is very good…although how can you mess that up. Lol I have chosen the nachos as my favorite minus the onions. Overall this place is well worth a try. I stop in often for nachos for lunch because the staff is friendly and I feel welcomed. Not that expensive for lunch either.”

John A.

Smyrna, GA

” Great food! And a decent price, I ordered tips and link. Tips were very good… Just slightly , barely a little dry but still juicy. The link was huge, I saved it for my next nights dinner. The one thing that made this very good though was the sauce, very very good. Spicy enough to give a kick but not uncomfortable at all. Sauce was probably the best I had tasted.”

David M.

Battle Creek, MI

” I am absolutely a turkey lover. I gave up red meat 5 years ago so I was ecstatic about seeing this place. I ordered the Chipotle Chicken Wrap and it was wonderful. It is wrapped in a spinach wrap with cucumbers, lettuce, and tomato I opted out the cheese. My son got turkey tips and loved everything about it even down to the bbq sauce. Gives pork tips a run for they money! We will be going back! “

Felisa C.

Fairburn, GA

” Excellent burgers every time! They’re cooked just right, and I say this because I’ve had one too many turkey burgers that are dry and rubbery. On time delivery always :) Love this place!”

Debra R.

Chicago IL

” I found the food really good. I live nearby and decided to give it a try. I’m on keto so it’s great the salads are really good and the burger I get with no bun and it’s very juicy and seasoned well. When I was eating carbs I had a burger with bun and the bun is really good too.”

Lilian P.

Fairburn, GA